General Conditions

General Conditions


Reservations are confirmed upon acceptance of payment signal. The value set for the reservation, as a sign of payment, is 50% of the total reservation. Payment must be made by bank transfer. The reserved period, although not fully enjoyed, is charged as effectively occupied.

Start and end of stays

The entry into Quinta de São Vicente will be made from 3 pm and departure at 12 pm. This time can be adjusted with prior arrangement.

A host will be responsible for the house during the stay. This will be required to complete the document / registration on arrival (check in) and should provide identification document or passport.

Number of guests

The house has a maximum capacity. If the number of guests exceeds the contracted, the responsible for reservation is required to inform the responsible for Quinta de São Vicente and will be charged by an extra guest. This extra accommodation is not responsibility of Quinta de São Vicente (provision of mattresses or blankets). The amount that will charge is extra 5€ per day. The capacity is set by the Office for Tourism according to the current legislation.


Animals are welcome to Quint São Vicente. Ensuring communication of the presence of animals is mandatory. The owner of the pet is responsible for their behavior and must safeguard the tranquility of our guests and neighbors, and the relationship with other people and property. The animals must have the immunizations on time and the documentation under applicable law. The owner is also responsible for the collection and processing of pet waste as well as any situation that may occur.


Visitors and guests of our guests, should always have permission of Quinta São Vicente responsible and will be reviewed case by case basis to determine if can not disturb or interfere with the normal operation. Guests are not allowed to stay overnight. If it is confirmed, will be charged an extra guest.

Heating and hot shower

The Quinta São Vicente have heating from a wood stove. The firewood will be provided according to the weather conditions.

The Quinta São Vicente are equipped with electric hot shower with 30 liter capacity, but the guests do the management of showers.

Kitchen and electronic equipment

The Quinta São Vicente are equipped with stove hob, refrigerator and microwave. It has basic cooking utensils (eg pots, frying pan, knives, plates, cutlery, glasses, cups, trays, etc. corresponding to the amount of guests).

You may be required common charcoal grill for outdoor use.

Occasionally ingredients are available for cooking (olive oil, salt, pepper …).

The Quinta São Vicente have no TV or stereo.

Protection and security

The Quinta São Vicente are equipped with fire extinguishers and a fire blanket, first aid kit, under applicable law.

Will be given a key of the house to the responsible guest.

The Quinta São Vicente is not responsible for values or goods lefts or for any theft or damage that may be occur.

Loss and damage

It is the duty of the guests ensure the preservation of the house in which it is located, as well as its equipment and furniture, notify the responsible for any malfunction or damage and take responsibility for damage and loss. Must leave the kitchen, dishes, pots, kettles, fryers, stove, microwave and coffee, washed, clean and tidy.

Bedding set (sheets, towels and pillowcases)

The Quinta São Vicente do not have bedding (sheets, towels and pillowcases). If guests wish, can request by paying of a fee. The linen is changed for stays of more than 7 nights: Artº 28 of Regulatory Decree No. 37/97 of 25.09.

The Quinta São Vicente has comforters / quilts / blankets for the corresponding number of guests.

The Quinta São Vicente have no maid service for the rooms. During the stay, cleaning is the responsibility of the guests. But it can be considered by arrangement and upon a payment of a fee.

Behavior and duties of our guests

1º – It is the duty of our guests strictly enforce the Law of Silence from 22h until 7h. The Quinta São Vicente reserves the right to considered in severe situations, resorting to non-compliance of the complete stay, being finalized.

2º – The guests have a duty to separate and treat the garbage and do their differentiated deposit in the place designated for that purpose.

3º – Good conduct; respect the local habits and customs, respect animals and nature. Make sense and duty of citizenship, green and ecological behavior.

4º – The guests have a duty to make good practices and avoid the most of waste water, electricity and firewood.

5º – It is forbidden to make fire outside the areas designated for that purpose.

Cancellation Policy

100% refund of the payment signal if canceled up to 15 days before the date of reservation.

50% refund of the payment signal if canceled up to 5 days before the date of reservation.

Any situation not mentioned here will be handled case by case.